We know our customers and we demand quality, fashionable, comfortable premium shoes. Empire Shoes is a purveyor of only the best for your feet with flair for fashion.

Owner Richard Charnley has honed in on the most-reliable, well-made shoes, tuned to the taste and preferences of Nevada County.

Empire Shoes brands include Acorn, Ahnu, Brooks, Dansko, Ecco, Hafflinger, Keen, Merrell, New Balance, Noat, SAS, Spenco, Taos, Teva.

When it comes to accessories, Empire Shoes has found exceptional products that provide value, style and comfort. Empire Shoes is proud to offer these accessories in addition to their main-shoe lines: Aetrex, AmeriBag, DownUnders, Kavu, Lynco, Smartwool, Wigwam and K-Bell. All our products are handpicked from dozens of manufacturers for durability, comfort and style.

We stand by the quality of each product we sell and welcome your feedback and requests for special orders.

Call us for a complementary custom fitting appointment at 530-477-2444.