New Balance Shoes

New Balance at Empire Shoes

New Balance has been responsible for a number of firsts in the shoe industry and is committed to continual improvement and product advancement. New Balance constantly seeks to achieve a better fit and performance for all. Combined with Empire Shoes custom fitting and wide selection for both men and women, expect to find the shoe that will enhance your performance in the sport of your choice.

For more than 100 years, New Balance has been a brand focused on understanding the needs of athletes and designing products to match and this is clearly communicated in their variety of design and fabrication styles.

From the early days of selling arch supports to police officers and waiters, to our current research with world-class athletes in our Sports Research Lab, the body in and ways to improve movement and support the body in a wide range of sports and activities have always consumed New Balance.

New Balance made their first pair of running shoes in 1938 and holds the distinction as the only company that still manufactures athletic shoes in the USA. One out of every four pair of shoes that New Balance sells in the U.S. is made or assembled here. Where the domestic value is at least 70% we have labeled them “Made in the USA”—an increasingly vital consideration in personal choice and the global economy as well as fair trade practices.

New Balance purchases goods and services from over 38 U.S.-based suppliers who employ more than 5,000 U.S. workers and is a supplier for the US Military.

Empire Shoes is an authorized New Balance dealer.